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This manual describes the use of the EPAM4 visualization system.


What is EPAM ?

The Easy Page Machine (EPAM) visualization system is specially designed for graphical user guidance with touch functionality.
The visualization screens are configured in an EXCEL spreadsheet
EPAM comes with a wide range of objects and functions for creating sophisticated visualization projects.

Password protection

Recipe management

Alarm archive

Data logger

Curves and bar graphs

Various input objects such as Button, Switch, Variable, RadioButton,...

Various display objects such as Signal, Meter,...

Connection to different controllers such as Codesys, Siemens S7, ...

Simulation on the development PC



What is EPAM4 ?

EPAM4 is the new 4th generation of the Easy PageMachine visualization tool.  In order to meet the requirements of the next 10 years, EPAM4 has been completely redesigned.


The user and his requirements for faster project development are the major focus of the development. The implementations include functions such as libraries, group objects - consisting of any combination of individual objects - full Unicode support, True color support with transparency and much more. This improves reusability of projects and part projects, which considerably reduces project design effort and simplifies maintenance.

The user also benefits from the full Unicode support which simplifies the handling of international fonts.

The proven basis for all these new features continues to be the EXCEL development environment!

See: New features of EPAM4


The EPAM4 Runtime System is based on the Qt-Framework which allows the simple porting from Windows (CE) to Linux or Mac-OS systems! This ensures future investment security for the user.

The consistent object-oriented structure provides the basis for greater functionality in less time!


The latest versions of EPAM4 are available via the Internet from the EPAM Homepage


Additional documentation

Additional documentation on the operating systems and devices of Grossenbacher Systeme AG are available for download from


WindowsCE system description
WindowsXP / XP embedded system description
Codesys Soft-PLC system description
AT-S7 Soft-PLC system description
Device descriptions such as EP-370, SP-240