Easy PageMachine

Latest news:

01.02.2017: EPAM4 Version 1.2 released

Provides support for Excel 2013 and more
Is available for download.

11.05.2012: EPAM4 released

The new generation of the proven HMI software Easy Page Machine, EPAM4 version 1.0.0 has been released and is available for download.

EPAM4 enables you to improve productivity and to create highly designed visualization solutions!


Take advantage of the new cool features :

  • Online Help
  • Seamless integration in EXCEL 2007/2010 with VSTO
    • Context menus
    • Project Explorer
  • Full unicode support
  • PCX,PNG, GIF,JPEG and SVG support
  • TrueColor support
  • Alpha channel support, allows semitransparent objects
  • Flickerless transparency
  • New Objects: #MvImg, #Vbar, #Vmeter, #Group
  • The new #Group object allows to reduce the project size up to 50% and simplifies maintenance
  • Change position, size, color (fore and background) at runtime
  • Communication driver for Codesys 2.3/3 and Siemens S7
  • Optimized project download. The entire project is compressed and transferred in one file.

For more information please read:


EPAM V3.50 released! 05.12.2011

  • Support for Windows-Vista/7
  • New WindowsCE Targets: SP-240, EP-370 and Runtime for WindowsCE6
  • New communication driver for Codesys V3 (PLC-Handler) incl. Variable-Import
  • Communication driver DRVRS7 also for S7 CP-343 via Ethernet TCP/IP
  • EPAM-Wizard: moving of objects with cursor keys, change of dimensions of objects with Ctrl + cursor keys, selection of objects with mouse (drag rectangle), display of EPAM4 Scroll-List and group-objects, display of EPAM4 PNGs and GIF-images, display of transparent objects and invisible objects (will be displayed transparent)
  • Support for TTC-Fonts
  • New system variable: s_dhcp_mode to setup DHCP-Mode via EPAM
  • New system variable s_user with current user from s_user_<pwl> according to password level s_password_<pwl>
  • New system variable s_alarm[<alarmtype>].active_count shows current number of active alarms
  • New system variable s_pageid_last, contains last ID of page with option ID > 0
  • New system variable s_pwl_required shows required PWL
  • Object Signal: support of JPG-images, new option animation-delay=x displays an image sequence as animantion, if value > 0; new data type REAL, support for unit conversion
  • Object Button: new action remoteclient=drop to close Remote-Client, new action ShiftEnd : goto begin of trend data Object Scroll-List: display without Slider with option DX=0
  • Object #ScrollList , #AlarmList, #TextList, #RecipeList: new option sbimg=,thumbimg= for customized scrollbars
  • New Limit-action: PWL=<pwl>
  • S7-Variable-Import supports symbolic variable names and imports also comments; support for S7 TIME variables (IEC_TIME) and S7-structures
  • Support of variables of datatype BOOL for object-state (VarState)
  • Object Trend: new parameter: #cursorcolor=<color>, #xscalefgcolor=<color>, #xscalebgcolor=<color>
  • EPAM3 Macros: incompatible EPAM3 Macros can not be used with EPAM4 -> Error message
  • EPAM aborts StartLogo.exe, started from Autoexec.cmd to display a Logo.

A list of all changes and solved errors is available on: http://bugs.easypagemachine.com