Easy PageMachine


What is EPAM ?

The Easy PageMachine (EPAM) visualization tool is specially designed for graphical operator guidance with touch panels, and enables visualization parameters to be configured without any extensive programming work required. EPAM provides objects such as buttons, switches, alphanumeric variables, bars, messages etc. for creating individual screen masks. These objects are configured in a structured ASCII file, linked with the PLC variables and combined to form complete screen pages. The different screen pages are combined together with links and can, for example, be called by clicking a button object.
The tabular and straightforward structure of this ASCII file (script file) enables project creation with a typical spreadsheet program such as Excel or similar. The transparent data format also enables the project documentation to be created virtually automatically.
EPAM also features an interpreter which allows the application to be tested on the PC it was created on. In this case, the visualization functions can be activated using the mouse. Modifications can thus be carried out and tested in seconds. The application is then loaded into the target system.

For a full description download the manual!